4 Things Mark Zuckerberg Should Tell Every CMO

The biggest mistakes marketers make on Facebook:Mark Zuckerberg spoke to me last night as I jogged through Central Park. He had parted the water in the pond perfectly, in five unique circles, and was cleverly allocating brightly colored fish to each circle. During this close encounter, he telepathically shared with me four stern warnings for marketers, as he was fearful of appearing to share publicly, given his latest run-in with GQ.


Of course, the dream above never happened. What really happened is far more powerful. Last month I challenged my data team at Syncapse to dig deep into Facebook data and paint a picture of the future, given today’s marketing practices on Facebook. After hundreds of hours, several cases of energy drinks and an in-depth review of the 300 top brand pages on Facebook, the picture was clear. If marketers don’t get better, they will fail to capture the value of social media marketing.

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