Holidays without Internet

The fact that almost anyone with an Internet connection is nowadays looking for their future vacation spot online has led to an increased amount of creativeness in destination videos. Ever since Sebi and Paul, two simple dairy farmers from Switzerland, explore the fancy foods, shiny malls and great discos of the Big Swiss City, they became very popular with their commercial.


The creators of this campaign decided to extend it to an interactive campaign: this is what they came up with, take a look.


When coming across the “Facebook Connect” button during Sebi and Paul’s chat, it feels like a really funny idea, so you click it. Then, surprise surprise, Facebook pops up a window prompting to share all kinds of personal information with the app you’re about to use. That might seem scary at first, but allow it and wait for the program to load.

After I clicked it, Sebi and Paul started to make witty remarks on my relationship status, my photos, my number of friends (AHA! so that’s why they needed all those infos!) leading to the fact that I spend too much time on Facebook. They wrote 5,55 hours a day, but I really hope that was just a random number meant to bring me to the final idea of this video: the Swiss mountains are waiting for me without any available Internet connections, yet a lot of other attractions on the way.


On the not so bright side, this app tends to get a little invasive, since it unveiles hidden photos of you that other people can’t reach. So I can see how it might be a bit much for some people, especially for those with top secret closed profiles.


Still, the campaign taps into the belief that we all are spending way too much time on social media sites and the message of a Swiss Holiday without any internet connectivity fits in very well there. Just look at how the lack of something we use every day is transformed into quality, a way to escape from our daily problems and enjoy the other beauties of life.