Burger King Norway – Whopper Sellout

Poor Burger King always has to compete with it’s well known step-brother McDonalds. Have you heard the latest rumours?

Burger King Norway detected a problem: many Burger King Facebook Fans weren’t Burger King Fans in heart and prefer a Big Mag over a Whopper! The video below is the newest shit for online news services, many write about it. But we came to ask ourselves, is this story real? 

As we made our research, we couldn’t find anything that proofs this campaign is real! There is no www.whoppersellout.com Website, the Burger King Facebook Page has over 6 Million Fans. So what’s this all about? Is it a hoax just to expand Burger Kings Talking About?

Hmmmm, making Social Media crazy about something, that doesn’t really exist is actually a good move and furthermore, it’s cheap!

See the video below:

Advertising Age says, that the agency DIST-Creative made this campaign. But why wouldn’t they have this succesful case video on their Channel? Check their vimeo here.

And who is DIST-Creative agency? They do have twitter, people checked in on Foursquare and Facebook, they have LinkedIn – but they have a very hard to find Website (obviously no SEO?) and then, BAM – when you click their Website:

What the hell? Which advertising Agency specialized on Social Media wouldn’t serve any of their online channels?

The only video telling about the “Whopper Sellout” is from Creativity Online – you can check it here. They also listed all the credits, agency, Screen Writers, Art Director – but all the links are leading back to the Creativity Online page. So it’s sure that they got a shitload full of views and clicks the last two days.

And guess what, Creativity online is hosting a Banner Ad for Advertising Age – coincidence?

When you check the Burger King Norway Facebook Page you see, that they have 10k fans – but whether on their Facebook nor on ther Website, you can see any hints for the “Whopper Sellout”. So either this whole thing happened just years ago – they are very bad in postproduction of their very succesful campaign – or it didn’t happen at all!

At least we found out, the Facebook Page was created in April this year:

What we found is this – is it a proof?

We’re happy to get in touch with your research! And are sure, that we made a mistake – and all the News who are writing about this campaign made their job, and don’t just believe what a Website publishes.