The Austrian based shoe retailer Humanic made a groundbreaking step this week, they launched their owned branded entertainment trending website. Why it’s a smart step, you ask? Well, easy! It’s a network based collaboration project inbetween bloggers from different countries – and yes, you think right: this shit will be growing! Insiders told us, that they have some surprises for customers with the start of their new campaign starting in Austria, Germany and Eastern Europe. Rumours say there’ll be a printed version too – hell yeah, we hope the graphics are as awesome as on the online version!

See for yourself and decide if you want to be part of Trendsylvania:

The current collaboration partners are:

Notorious Mag (Vienna based online magazine)

Broken Cookies (London based couple blog)

Frock N Roll (London based music blog)

SOINCARMEL (Warsaw based fashion blog)

HUMANIC Team itself

You know what: we also found some people on Social Media who are supporting the platform on Facebook, Pinterest, Stylefruits and Polyvore. This smells like a campaign Lidl Österreich did some years ago with the Leitner Family, Lena, Leo and Lisa… Now they’re called Kate B., Elena G. and Martin H. – seems that they are authors on too!

People, we are thrilled, because this platform really looks and feels fresh!!